In Memory of Courtney Jones

Born in Trinidad and raised with Caribbean rhythms, Courtney has been playing drums, percussion and steelpan, the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago since childhood.

He learned and played under the master of steelpan Len Boogsie Sharpe with the Steelband "Phase II Pan Grove" and entered the Caribbean, in the US and in Japan.

As a member of the reggae band "Shaman" from Trinidad & Tobago, he performed at the Jamaica Sun Splash Festival and worked in Malaysia for three years.  

In 1995 he met Elias Meiri during a holiday in Austria and became a permanent member of the Timna Brauer & Elias Meiri Ensemble.

He lived in Vienna since 1995 and worked internationally as a drummer, percussionist and panist.

Over two decades he was a playing as gifted drummer, percussionist and panist in the Vienna World Music Scene. 

As musical companion of many musicians he played with the Timna Brauer & Elias Meiri Ensemble, Hans Tschiritsch, Shani Ben Chanar, Hannibal Means, Urga, Bongo Reggae, Cheese Vibes, Dubblestandart, King Electric, Brian Wittman & Cool Steel Band, Kumaka & Anthony Joseph, Salah Addin & Friends, Roman Weihs Band, Rudy Smith, Ric Toldon, Jon Sass, Celia Mara, Phoebe Violet, Herbert Königshofer / Brian Brian - Club audioprovocateur and many more.

His projects like "Oldtime Calypso", "Techno Kaiso", "Jab Jab-Steel Band", "Jab Jab Kaiso", "Courtney Jones & De Funky Calypso Band" are an expression of his musical heritage from Trindad & Tobago.

His last project was "Steelpan meets Kalimba" with Ali Tersch and Lore Gutschnig. The Album is ready to be released.